Metamask (EVM Networks): Setting up a MetaMask wallet is a simple process that will allow you to manage your Ethereum-based assets and interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the web. Follow these steps to get started:

Go to the MetaMask website ( and click the "Download" button.

Once the installation is complete, you will see a MetaMask icon in your browser's extension bar. Click on the icon to open the MetaMask window.

Next, you will be asked to create a password for your wallet. Choose a strong and unique password, and make sure to remember it as you will need it to access your wallet in the future.

MetaMask will now generate a mnemonic phrase for your wallet. This phrase is a series of words that you can use to recover your wallet if you ever forget your password or lose access to your account. Write down this phrase and store it in a safe place.

After writing down your mnemonic phrase, click "Next" to proceed. MetaMask will ask you to confirm the words in your mnemonic phrase. Type them in the correct order and click "Confirm" to continue.

Your MetaMask wallet is now set up and ready to use. You will see your wallet address displayed in the MetaMask window. This address is a unique string of letters and numbers that represents your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up a MetaMask wallet!

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